Bread Squishies

Is there anything more appealing than fresh baked bread? We here at Kawaii Squishies sure don’t think so – and that’s why we’re pleased to offer a thrilling selection of utterly adorable bread-shaped squishies!

From croissants to Japanese buns to traditional loves of white bread popular around the world, our squishie collection has all the flaky, chewy, soft, delicious baked treats you could ever desire. Whether you want to clip a croissant to your backpack or cuddle with a fresh white loaf, we’ve got exactly what you need!

In addition, many of our squishie breads feature delectable scents that will remind you of home baked sweets fresh out of the oven. Turn your office or bedroom into a bakery 24/7 with our fabulous line of bread-shaped and –scented squishies!