Squeeze your stress away with your favorite fruit, sweet or animal. From bananas to burgers to bears, we’ve got you covered! Decorate your desk or adorn your briefcase with huggable characters such as the always-adorable Hello Kitty or the dreamy Rilakkuma! Try out a scented squishie and let yourself relax with the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked bread, perfectly frosted cakes or mouthwatering frosted doughnuts.

Can’t decide between our fresh foods or our adorable animals? Try a combination squishie! Our cat-faced hamburgers and panda-shaped buns are practically too cute to handle!

All Kawaii Squishies are made of squeezable polyurethane foam and painted in soft, relaxing colors. Our squishies are sturdy and guaranteed to return to their original form even after vigorous squishing.

We carry squishies in a variety of sizes to suit your every need. Our “small” and “mini” sized squishies come with attachments that allow you to hook them to a briefcase or purse or use them as a keychain or cell phone charm. “Large” or “jumbo” sized squishies are perfect for decorating a desk, bedroom or playroom, serving as a pillow or just when you feel the need to give something soft a great big hug!

Our products are guaranteed to help lower your stress levels and promote relaxation and fun. Your worries will melt away as you surround yourself with bright colors, mouthwatering scents and, of course, squeezable softness! Commit to a new, stress-free you and fill your life with adorable Kawaii Squishie products today!